COVID-19 & What We Need To Do Together

Our industry has been turning itself inside out trying to come up with policies that will enable our guests to have a fabulous experience, whist providing you with as much protection as possible.

What has become clear is that there is a tightrope to walk between providing a Covid-19 free environment and a comfortable holiday property. If we don’t do anything, we’re at risk of encouraging the spread of the disease once more but if we go too far, our cottages will switch from being enjoyable, chill-out spaces to clinical hospital wards.

Every property owner will have to make their own plans within these parameters and it’s not easy. We’ve decided to come up with a plan that hopefully walks that tightrope and then be transparent about it. Thus, giving you, the opportunity to make your own risk assessment and decide whether this standard is good enough for you and your family.

Our logic being that by the very nature of leaving the safety of your own home and travelling to Devon will mean you’re taking risks. You may decide to stop off at a service station en-route and visit a supermarket, cafe and theme park when you’re down here. So, you will already be taking calculated risks.

We’re also mindful that the current situation is constantly shifting sands, so what you think will work for you now, might not be right in 3-month time. Or there may be another lock-down imposed, which is totally out of yours, or our control. We’d normally say, that you need to take out insurance to cover for such eventualities, but from what we’re hearing, most insurance policies are no longer covering for the fallout of a pandemic.

With that in mind, there are the changes we’ll be making. These plans may change over time as new information comes to light, or new legislation is imposed, so keep an eye on our website for further updates.