Cleaning & Prep

Training / Accreditation/ Professional Associations:

We have undertaken COVID-19 specific training. A copy of the certificate can be found here.

We are currently awaiting accreditation from The AA for our Covid-19 practices and management.

We are now members of Professional Association of Self Caterers (PASC).

We want to give our cleaner as much time as possible to clean our properties. So, we’ve now changed our arrival and departure times. Departure time will be 9:30am and arrival time 4pm. This change will enable us to build in a minimum of 24 hours between guests and extra cleaning time for each property.

We have sourced an anti-viral cleaner that is environment friendly with no bleach or harmful substances that is safe on skin. This cleaner is hospital-grade to a kill rate log of 5 and is compliant to EN14476.

To ensure no cross-contamination, we have designated a set of cleaning equipment for each cottage and, where necessary, within the cottage each room.

Once a cottage is mist disinfected no one will enter it until you arrive.

Crockery and Cutlery:
For Apple Tree & Pear Tree guests we are asking that as much of the crockery, glasses, cutlery are loaded into the dishwasher and a 60c programme started prior to your departure. This will ensure that these items are completely safe to use. Our cleaner will unload the dishwasher as part of their routine. For Mulberry Tree guests, there is no dishwasher, we will swap out crockery, glasses & cutlery each week.

The TV and Remote controls will be cleaned down with anti-viral cleaner between every set of guests.

Standard cleaning:
Our cleans will be based on a 2-step clean. Firstly our normal high standard clean and then a separate mist spray disinfection process paying particular area to high touch areas. We will also leave an anti-viral spray under the kitchen sink at the property for your use, should you want to clean any surfaces yourself upon arrival or during your stay.

Books, games and DVD’s:
We recognise that it will be impossible to clean every page of every book or every item of a game every week. We did consider removing all these items but felt that this would reduce your holiday experience. So, we’ve decided to leave all these items, giving you the option to use them or not. It’s worth bearing in mind how long Coronavirus can survive on surfaces, paper is not present after 3 hours and plastic is 72 hours. You may want to use the anti-viral spray in the kitchen.

Soft Furnishings: (Sofas, cushions, matresses, duvets and pillows)
Scientific evidence to date shows that Coronavirus cannot live on fabric for more than 48 hours. Therefore, we’ve decided that we’ll be leaving all soft furnishings in situ and mist disinfect. If you’d like these items removed, we can do so but please let us know in advance, so that we can arrange this with our cleaner.

Bedding & Towels:
Our duvet covers, sheets, pillowcases, bath mats and tea towels are cleaned each week on a 60c wash and we have at least 2 sets of everything. This means that the set on your beds will have been washed 1 week prior and the only person who would have touched it within the previous day would be our cleaner.

However, as bedding is a personal thing, here are your options:

  • Have our cleaner make up the beds for you prior to your arrival
  • You can choose to have the bag of laundry left for you to make up the beds yourselves.
  • You can bring your own bedding. If this is what you’d like to do, please let us know at least a week prior to the start of your holiday.

There will be fresh mattress protectors on all the beds, and these must remain on the beds, regardless of any bedding you bring yourselves. You’re welcome to put your own protectors over the top of ours if you prefer.

Shaking down bedding shortly after someone has used it could be potentially a risk for spreading of the virus. To protect our cleaners, we will need our guests to strip off the duvet and pillowcase covers (leaving the protectors on) and bag up the bedding, in the bags provided, prior to their departure to protect our cleaner from any potential contact with the virus.

We are also asking our guests to bag up all towels as per the bedding. Again, bags will be provided for this.